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When sitting in bars, I'm always checking out the atmosphere. Who doesn't? Aside from partying or flirting with the other patrons of course, there's really not much else to do than to check out the decor. Sitting in slower pubs or bars that are getting ready to close, I become mesmorized by the collectibles, the sports figurines, the photos hanging on the wall, the LED lights, and of course, the neon signs.

I started Neon Bar Signs just to post about some of the really cool signage I come across in bars, in shops, or online. Sure it seems a bit geeky to blog about random bar stuff, neon signs in particular, but how many times has a simple neon sign drawn your attention from the road and pulled you in during bar runs? A few times for me. I guess I should state now I'm not an alcoholic (really), but I have been known to frequent the local watering hole every now and again. So what will you see here at Neon Bar Signs? Well, I hope I don't have to paint too clear picture on this one ha ha, but here it goes. I'll put up location themed neon signs, local themed, vacation themed, beer brand neon signs (there's a ton of those), sports LEDs and signs, clocks, business establishment signage, or just plain any interesting or rare neon signs. I'll also post up some information on the manufactors of the signs and the dates of them as well. I'll post up where you can buy neon signs, what to look for when collecting them, I'll give a brief description of the workings of the signs themselves, where the signs are popular, and why neon signs are so great a marketing tool. Also, please free to share some of the cool neon bar signs you've come across as well in the comment sections. Well, that's all for now. Later.

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Anonymous said...

Is there one particular manufacturer for, say, Budweiser neons or are they made in house by AB?