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Your privacy will be respected on this site. As of now you can only subscribe to this site via RSS feed, which means we collect no personal information about you. Should we add a subscribe by email option, your email address or any other personal information will never be shared, sold, or rented unless forced by proper authorities (I've never even heard of this happening). You will never be spammed by me.

I place no cookies onto your web browser and you will never be phished on this site or be redirected to any site that phishes; however, while we try to only link to high quality sites that share our same policy, we cannot promise that sites we link to will maintain the same policy. Please see each respective site's policy you happen to click through to.

We may eventually collect routine traffic files, which are non-personal, general information such as location of browser, IP address, browser type, page navigation, and date and time stamp. Again, none of your personal information is collected when you browse this site. Any outgoing links may collect more information, so please see their individual policies.

An update to the Adsense ad program. Google Adsense now uses your personal browsing history to help display more relevant ads for you. I do not collect this information or feed Google this information to the best of my knowledge. Please see Google Adsense's TOS to determine how they gather and use this information.

Contact Me

I'm really bad about checking my emails, so if you wish to contact me please do so in the comment form. If you would like to speak to me privately please just type "Private Message" in your comment. After I read it, I'll delete it, so nobody will see the comment. If this privacy policy does not meet to your satisfaction, please discontinue use of this site. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time and if there are any changes to this policy we will update this page. Thank you.

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