Patriots Neon Signs

Many of the New England neon bar signs I've found are the current NE Patriots logo with the patriot facing right wearing the flowing red, white, and blue hat, the "Flying Elvis". The difference between the logo and the sign is sleight, the logo is a gray face which obviously won't be recreated with neon, and the expression is close, but not dead on. The color matches are accurate. The blue neon tubing makes up the same bulk portion of the hat and the red tubing flares to the back in 4 tubes (please excuse my terminology, I don't know how to describe it, tri-fold hats?) The face is outlined in white tubing, which both represents the gray face and fills out the American red, white, and blue color scheme. The particular model I'm looking at has four red tubes and measures 13" high x 22" wide x 4 3/4" deep. UL listed, 110-120V, weighs 8 lbs, 10 foot cord.

Those are most popular now but there are others. There's the helmet design mounted on a gray plastic plate with the New England logo centered in the middle. The glass neon tubing outlines the helmet in red and white, the white tube hugging the red plastic face mask. These are cheaper neons as they're smaller 9" x 8" x 4" but they're officially licensed as well and will of course hang on your bar's wall. This type of sign is perfect for lower-view areas and secondary rooms, though would be fine out front as well. From what I've seen of Boston at least, I assume they'd be happy to see all NE neons (though nowhere near as fanatical fans as of the Red Sox, like I really need to tell you). Oh, when you order, again, compare shipping prices, sometimes shipping is free, and make sure your power supply transformer is included. Hmmm, maybe should I should make another post about this, but transformers are now being made more narrow than they used to be. When all other things are equal, including power output, get the thinner design.

Also you'll come across the New England signs advertised as neon but are actually fluorescent. There are no neon tubes, they are 3D carved clear hard acrylic plastic. Most people can tell the difference, but they do give off a bright neon effect, so it serves its purpose (I'll personally remain a neon fan myself). It's a flat clear plastic with the team logo above and to the left of the "Patriots" lettering. Above the plate is a 110-120V fluorescent light that you simple plug into the wall. It hangs on the wall or in a window just like any neon sign and measures 12" wide x 8 1/2" high. These also make good lower-visibility room fillers or will look good in a home office, bedroom, or den. Not what screams out to me as a high quality professional sign, but an option nonetheless. These come in red, green, and blue.

Another model is the approx. 35" by 24" Miller Lite Go Patriots neon. Centered is the popular Miller Lite cursive logo lettering (Miller is orange, Lite in blue) surrounded in 2 white neon circles. Offset to the right is the New England Patriots logo as we all recognize it painted. As opposed to our first sign, though, this logo is outlined in blue neon as opposed to made up of neon. Underneath both of these cheating left is the blue neon lettering "Go Patriots". If you can't find these on the usual sites, you may get lucky on Craiglist. The Coors Light Patriots sign. The top of the neon reads "Coors Light" Official Beer Sponsor (Coors in red, Light in white with the official NFL logo to its right. Underneath is a different Patriots logo from the rest described here, in that our Patriot faces left. Sorry, I don't have the measurements or details of this one in front of me right now.

Holy cow, you know what, I forgot about the old school Patriots logo neon sign. The "Pat Patriot" logo was designed by Phil Bissell when they were the Boston Patriots. The logo was a mean-faced colonial patriot full with red tri-cornered hat, red socks, white pants, and blue frock, facing us and leaning, ready to hike the football. For those who haven't seen it, it kind of resembles a red, white, and blue pirate. The (UL approved) Commemorative 1961 New England Patriots neon sign measuring 36" high x 26" wide strongly resembles the Patriots logo. Pats fans are mixed on this design, many prefer the new logo. Personally, I love the historic figure logo. This would look kick a$$ in a bar. Anyway, the neon tube colors perfectly resemble the logo and they also use a flesh-colored tan neon for the face and hands. It's good for wall or window hanging, though it's large, so it's mounted on a large heavy gauge metal frame.

All right guys, I was going to fully detail the Miller Lite and Budweiser Pats signs, but I gotta take a break! Maybe I'll come back and do some more later. Believe it or not, these are only a few of many different New England neons. Catcha later.