Budweiser Neon Bar Signs

What better way to celebrate Budweisers's iconic brand of great lager than through commercial advertisements via neon bar signs? Budweiser bar signs are among my favorite. I've never seen any too over the top and plenty that are especially classy. As far as I've seen Bud just doesn't lend their brand to anything too cheesy. The company can't afford to have their solid reputation tarnished and they're marketing experts and lawyers won't allow it. Among the classier Budweiser bar signs I've seen are the classic bow tie designs and the signs where the word "Budweiser" is in cursive printing on the neon tube. I especially like when they incorporate NFL, MLB, NBA, and other sports into their signage and they unselfishly center the sign's focus on the sports brand, writing their logo underneath in smaller neon print.

The sports themes and athletic teams are not boring either. A skiier flying down the slopes, a sailing ship, sports teams' championships, Dale Jr racing, NBA game time of a basketball player shooting, quarterbacks throwing a pass, baseball players taking a swing, L.A. Lakers logo, Pittsburgh Steelers, 49ers, that awesome NJ Devils logo (which looks killer on a neon sign), you name it. Virtually any team or sport has a great glowing sign in bars across the world with the Budweiser logo underneath it, which is great marketing in local bars and pubs. I'm not even sure it's legal to own a bar in Boston without affixing some kind of Red Sox signage on the walls or ceilings.

Another great thing I love about Budweiser, Bud, and Bud Light neon signs are that they even make signs for states. How great is it for a Texan oilman to walk into a bar after work and see one of America's greatest brands printed underneath a glowing single star Texas flag? I get a kick out of the Nebraska running pheasant state neon bar sign and while I'm not a huge fan of San Fransisco as a city since they don't appreciate the Marines and armed forces as much as they should, it's undeniable that their city has many beautiful attractions and their neon signs reflect it, the Golden Gate Bridge Budweiser sign an example (hey Bud, how about an "Alcatraz" neon bar sign? that would be cool!) I've seen a Washington state Budweiser neon sign that had a simple nature theme and I like that. I also saw a great Florida Gators sign where the croc is hiding among some weeds though I guess that's technically sports. I've seen deer and Alaskan polar bears and I've also seen a National Park on a Bud neon bar sign! It just goes to show that Budweiser is not just trying to be a plain old drink brand. They're becoming a part of your life by integrating things that you love with them. I'm not a marketing expert but it's ingenius in my opinion. If a cowgirl's not that into sports but she see's a Budweiser Cowboy neon sign, in my mind she'll be more receptive to ordering a Bud next time.

Bud also has just great commercial and random neon bar signs. Some are just of animals or cars and many are just very simple, like a single bottle. I love the lizard and frog ones, harkening back to that infamous bud weis eeeer commercial. I just ran into a "Pioneers in black history" sign as well. Some signs are just plain hat cowboy themes. Some are lifeguard themes, palm trees, bikinis, you name it really. All right, I've gone on long enough about Budweiser neon bar signs. Until next time.

How Neon Bar Signs are Made

Here's a brief description of how neon bar signs and all neon signs are made. Lead glass tubes, made of lower temperature lead-dense heavy glass, are heated with special torches and shaped to the design of the bar sign. Leak-proof lead glass electrodes are welded on either end of the tube with a metal shell for the wiring to attach to the neon sign. I'm sure you've all noticed that the ends of a neon bar sign continue to the wiring but the light itself stops short. The tube is then attached to a manifold and vacuumed of air. A high current is also forced through the tube to "prepare" the glass so to speak and so the vacuum further removes dirt and impurities. The result is a clean interior tube that is coated against unwanted contaminants. The neon tube then cools and typically neon or argon gases are filled into the tube until it reaches a certain pressure. When argon is used, a tiny amount of mercury is also placed inside the neon side. The amount of neon depends on the size and dimensions of the tube. Different combinations of helium and argon are also used for colder weather neon signs.

When lit, neon gives off a orange-red or red light. When argon is lit it gives off a dim lavender color. But when the droplet of mercury fills the tube with vapor, ultraviolet light is given off upon electrification. While being bent, ultraviolet sensitive phosphors are placed in the interior of the tubes, giving off different bright neon colors when lit. Animated neon lights are sequentially programmed to turn certain parts of the unit on and off as certain times. Larger neon signs such as the kind used in bars and pubs have a specially constructed high voltage transformer, limiting the available current running through the sign and keeping it from being destroyed. Once built the neon bar signs are tested for operation and safety and made sure they can withstand the high voltage. They are then packed and shipped to wholesalers and suppliers. And that is a very brief and simplistic description of how neon bar signs are made. Please don't try this at home. Ha ha.

Why Lighted Bar Signs are Used

It seems to most fairly obvious why lighted bars signs are used. They give off brilliant ultraviolet light and dazzle the eyes with their bright glow. Their initial purpose, as with all traditional signs, is to attract new customers from the street who have never been to the establishment before. I have heard of businesses increasing their revenue by as much as 30% a month with an outside neon sign. It's so easy to overlook how many people are actually drawn in by a sign. Think about it. How many buildings are there in your community that you've driven by countless times and still don't know what in the world they are? How many hundreds or thousands of dollars do you think they spend with other traditional advertising methods? A lot! Sadly, some of these businesses never even thought to get themselves a sign at all. Remember, neon signs don't even have to be installed outside. They can be placed in windows facing road traffic. It is up to the bar's owner and employees to impress their customers once they're drawn in, though additional interior neon signs, lighted mirrors and lighted clocks are also frequently used to further impress. The lighted clocks, sports plates, and mirror bar signs easily stand out to the eyes of the patrons. Some bar owners take it as personal pride to prove to their customers how great their taste in decor is by stacking dozens of them on the walls and ceilings. Some think it's a bit much, though secretly I love them all. Personally, while I think a bar can often have the wrong kinds of signs (confusing messages, ie a neon ballerina in a sports bar or overly-distracting marquees), I don't think there can ever really be too many.

Lighted signs in pubs and bars take full advantage of one of the cardinal rules of marketing, to get your message out to as many people as possible as clearly and directly as you can. For this reason, custom neon bar signs are perfect. Business establishments spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to have their brand or message personalized on these digital "miniature billboards". Imagine how many times a simple "Hot Coffee" lighted sign draws wet and dreary street walkers in from the rain. How many tropical beer signs with coconuts and palm trees have subconsciously put people in the mood for a margarita or that particular beer? Many managers and owners think lighted signs are just pretty but the smart owners see every bulb, every glass tube, every electrode, as an opportunity to both soothe their customer to their surroundings, and direct them to a call of action, even if it's just "This is the best sports bar" or "Relax, and have another drink". When purchasing a neon sign, each owner should ask themselves, what am I trying to say, what do I want my customers to do, how do I want my customers to feel?

I also especially love mirror bar signs. Large ones looks great behind a bar, and gives a nice classy look to the establishment, not to mention opening up the interior of the bar, especially usefull for smaller bars with that cramped look. Mirror bar signs that hang on the wall are clever as well, as it's every branders dream to have their customer looking into a mirror and identifying themselves with their logo. Oh, while we're talking about using them as a business investment, consider maximizing the leverage of your investment by purchasing used neon bar signs. New signs are great but they will be more expensive and can be more limited in purpose if your bar theme is not the typical one.

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Welcome to Neon Bar Signs

When sitting in bars, I'm always checking out the atmosphere. Who doesn't? Aside from partying or flirting with the other patrons of course, there's really not much else to do than to check out the decor. Sitting in slower pubs or bars that are getting ready to close, I become mesmorized by the collectibles, the sports figurines, the photos hanging on the wall, the LED lights, and of course, the neon signs.

I started Neon Bar Signs just to post about some of the really cool signage I come across in bars, in shops, or online. Sure it seems a bit geeky to blog about random bar stuff, neon signs in particular, but how many times has a simple neon sign drawn your attention from the road and pulled you in during bar runs? A few times for me. I guess I should state now I'm not an alcoholic (really), but I have been known to frequent the local watering hole every now and again. So what will you see here at Neon Bar Signs? Well, I hope I don't have to paint too clear picture on this one ha ha, but here it goes. I'll put up location themed neon signs, local themed, vacation themed, beer brand neon signs (there's a ton of those), sports LEDs and signs, clocks, business establishment signage, or just plain any interesting or rare neon signs. I'll also post up some information on the manufactors of the signs and the dates of them as well. I'll post up where you can buy neon signs, what to look for when collecting them, I'll give a brief description of the workings of the signs themselves, where the signs are popular, and why neon signs are so great a marketing tool. Also, please free to share some of the cool neon bar signs you've come across as well in the comment sections. Well, that's all for now. Later.